0822081623Lance and Tim were born and raised in Penn Yan, NY and have a deep appreciation for the homeowners they work with and the land upon which they build. Their personable demeanor establishes a confident, professional relationship with clients and a neighborly standard of communication. When building a home for a family who is moving from another state, planning retirement or just a family getaway we enjoy being one of their first tastes of the Finger Lakes hospitality. While most of their projects are mainly in the Finger Lakes Region, they proudly served customers throughout the surrounding areas.

Lance resides in the beautiful town of Penn Yan, NY. He feels blessed to be in such a wonderful community. ​

Tim resides in Avoca, NY and enjoys the view of land for miles around him. His office is in downtown Penn Yan.

Partners, Lance and Tim Strong officially started their own business, Integrated Building Systems and 1994 in 2005 transformed to a legal partnership of IBS Builders, LLC.

The boys worked previously as apprentices to roofers, flooring contractors, framers, plumbers, and electricians. Lance was a lead framer and Tim was a trim carpenter for several years before starting their own business. Because of this, the guys work side-by-side with subcontractors and can quickly identify quality processes and remove those that are less than desirable. Their expectations are high on every aspect of a home’s assemblage, and with their extensive knowledge and background experience, those who work with them respect their knowledge and meet their standards.

After many years in the building industry, the guys admit that every part of the building process continues to inspire them with each new project they encounter.  The most enjoyable part of their profession is the former customers that have become repeat customers year after year. The guys will settle for nothing less than the quality of an IBS Builders home/project. They will always enjoy stepping on to a piece of property, rough and undeveloped, and beginning to imagine, see, and define its underlying potential. Over a period of time, that area is soon developed into a work of art…, a beautiful demonstration of architecture, intriguing landscape, and interesting colors and textures that have come together to make a place of serenity for their customers. A place/project they can proudly call home.


terryOur amazing Office Manager, Terry Culhane, is our go-to girl. Terry manages this office flawlessly. So much so, the owners feel completely comfortable leaving at a moment’s notice knowing that Terry is here making sure everything is perfect with your project. Terry is an expert at customer service and documents all the details. She has worked in both the hospitality and construction industry for 24 years. Terry has developed online story books for our customers, via the internet so that a customer can experience their project without even being in the country!  Although she is not a native of the Finger Lakes, Terry is undoubtedly one of the most genuine, and kind people you will ever meet. When you’re here, stop by the office to meet Terry and be amazed by the way she manages our business, and brings “Finger lake Hospitality” to life.  Her hours are Monday – Friday from 8am-3pm.