ICF (Insulated Concrete Walls)


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Here are some of the benefits of poured concrete walls:

Solid concrete is better able to resist cave-ins caused by lateral pressures of water, earth, and wind.

More fire resistance-because solid concrete is dense and is joint free.

More resistant to water-concrete has fewer and smaller voids than concrete block

Benefits of ICF Basements

No matter what materials you use for the above-ground homes you build, you can add value and increase your profits by using the Reward building system for our basements. Builders throughout the country are discovering buried treasure when they provide their homebuyers with the luxurious lower level living space made possible by Reward insulating concrete forms.

What are ICF’S?

-ICF’s are hollow foam blocks or panels, which are stacked to create the walls of a home.

-Horizontal lengths of steel rebar are laid at each new block level.

-When the wall has been built to the desired height, vertical lengths of steel are inserted at regular intervals creating a grid of steel inside the blocks.

-The forms are then filled with concrete to form a solid, steel-reinforced wall sandwiched between two layers of highly insulating Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

The finished wall offers a long list of benefits.

Why use integrated (insulated) concrete forms?

Energy Efficiency Rating

UP TO 3 x More Energy Efficient than a Typical Wood-Framed Wall

Saving Energy

  • High performance insulation values (R-55)
  • Maintains better constant temperature
  • Lower cost to heat and cool
  • No air infiltration (draft-free)
  • Permanent performance; no downgrading over time

Staying Healthy

  • No air infiltration means no dust or allergens
  • No cavity walls for mold, mildew, bugs or rodents
  • Non-toxic materials
  • No off-gassing of materials

Your Home Is Your Castle:

  • Will not rot or decay
  • Will not shift, shrink or settle
  • Strength is permanent
  • Impact resistant
  • No maintenance required
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Superior severe-weather resistance

Comfort Related:

  • Superior sound barrier
  • Enhances steady temperatures
  • Peace of mind during inclement weather events
  • Low maintenance structure
  • May attribute to lower insurance costs

Complimentary Technologies Used:

  • Custom-built windows.
  • Hydronic radiant heating.