The Building Process

The Home Building Process

Choose a Professional

Design the Perfect House Plan

Calculate Your New Home Budget

Find a Suitable Contractor/Builder

Establish Financing

Purchase a Lot

Permit Process

Construction Timetable

Stage Time Week Number
Foundation & Site 3 weeks 1-3
Framing 3-4 weeks 5-7
Exterior Finishes 1 week 8
Mechanical Rough-Ins 4 weeks 9-12
Insulation & Air Sealing 1-2 weeks 13-14
Interior Finishes 5-6 weeks 15-20
Landscaping 2 weeks 21-22
Walk-Through 1 week 23

*Time frame is based on a 1500 square foot home; larger homes may take 2-3 times as long. Time frame reflects best case scenario. Delays such as weather and lack of materials or labor can add considerable amount of time.